• Installation:  We pride ourselves in our ability to design and install an efficient, easy to use irrigation system.  We implement the latest technologies and products available on the market to ensure that our systems are built within all local rules and regulations.  We always keep water conservations in mind to ensure your lawn is not getting over watered.  We are confident in our ability to restore an existing lawn back to its original state when we are finished.  Our motto is “you won’t be able to tell we were there.”

  •  Spring Start-up:  Includes connecting the backflow preventer.  Check all heads to ensure they are working properly.  Check for any leaks.  Set timer for proper watering times.  Making suggestions to improve your irrigation system to be more water efficient.

  •  RPZ Backflow Test:  The state of Illinois requires on backflow preventers be tested annually.  We have a licensed plumber on staff that can test backflow preventers.

  •  Maintenance Program:  4 yearly visits.  Which includes checking for leaks, cleaning spray heads, adjusting heads for adequate coverage, and adjusting timer for various seasons.  BENEFITS include consistent care of your irrigation system, landscape areas, and set cost for labor as opposed to hourly rate

  •  Winterization:  Includes disconnecting backflow preventer and blowing out the water out of the lines.  Be sure to store backflow preventer in a heated area.

  •  Drainage:  Extend downspouts away from your house to avoid wash out and water getting in to your basement.